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Mubs & I make an NFT vinyl record?

DeSo's most prolific maker & I daydream about what's possible with crypto, NFTs, etc. Then we try something...

My NFT auction was amazing!

I go over my crazy NFT experiment's results with Brian Krassenstein, a top DeSo user. Then we talk about his experiments and where he got the money to allow him to hav...

NFTs for Non-Artists

Let's talk about how non-artists are using NFTs on BitClout (also known as DeSo). This episode features Doodles, who created an accelerator to help BitClout creators g...

BitsTODAY Founder: Big Wins on BitClout

Founder of the definitive news source on BitClout talks about who's doing well on BitClout.

Why did Subclout close?!

Max Metcalf built one of the most popular BitClout projects. It didn’t work. I asked him why & what other creators can learn from his experience.

BitHunt's Big Plans

Jack Lalley created the app store or BitClout, but he has bigger plans. We talk plans & analyze the current BitClout projects.

ProsperClout Looks Into Wallets

ProsperClout’s founder, Salil Sethi, shows how to use it to get intelligence on BitClout users. Use it to see my account here: https://prosperclout.com/u/AndrewWarner

New Way for Artists to Prosper

Daniel Kempe is the co-creator of CloutPunk. An art project that creates a custom avatar for social media. In the process, he showed a new way for artists to do wel...

Andy Artz - BitClout Ambassador

Links from this interview:Try Moonbounce: BitCloutJam.GetMoonbounce.comAndy on BitClout: BitClout.com/u/ArtzAndrew on BitClout: BitClout.com/u/AndrewWarner

BitClout Jam Trailer

BitClout excites me because it's a social network that creates a cryptocurrency for each of its members. I have a coin. In this podcast I learn what I can do with it a...

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